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Refintiv interactive video digital experience

The Task

There are moments that matter throughout your work experience, such as the first day of a new job, the day you get a promotion or even the day you leave your job. Refinitiv wanted to capture this jounrey in an inovative way.

The Solution

An interactive video we thought highlights the jounrey while also allowing the user to pause and read more about the important stages within a career at Refinitiv.

The Work

Shot as a single horizontal track, it begins with our subject entering Refinitiv on day one and follows them through a number of short-burst scenes. As they walk through the various scenes, so much happens over their employee experience, you have to slow it down to see it all.

The Outcome

Greatly recieved by Refinitiv and used on their onboarding process.


Main Pages

Time’s slowed down with a tap of the screen or the keyboard. Doing that brings up hotspots which go into greater detail about the most important aspects and events in the employee experience. We touch on culture, environment and technology, talk about L&D and shared values, and communicate the importance of sustainability. Another tap and time speeds back up.

As our subject moves through the scenes, subtle wardrobe and make-up changes convey the passing of time. The film concludes with the final day, and our subject leaving the office as a Refinitiv ambassador.

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